School:Portfolio Center
Team:Rebecca Blankenship, Caroline Skarupa, Alex Minkin, Michael Brennan Holloway, Lisa Plato

There is no shortage of competition on the juice and soft drink aisle these days. Soda, energy drinks,
performance-enhancers, and artificial juices are all fighting for your attention. Now you can serve
your kids the same pure and simple, 100% all natural Minute Maid juice you trust in an on-the-go
and easy-to-hold juice box your kids will love. With the innovative flip straw, no spill opening and
environmentally friendly design, Minute Maid Flip will fit right in with your active family.

Our newly designed flip box is made from Liquid Paper Board, which is sustainable, recyclable, and
biodegradable. Flip straw is manufactered from a plant based plastic that is certified bio-compostable
and biodegradable. Coca-Cola already uses these materials in other packaging campaigns; a new
box design with known materials will not inflate production costs, ensuring the best price for the
consumer. We source our materials for the box and straw as responsibly as we source the fruits
that go into them to make sure you are getting the best quality product with the least impact on
the environment.

Conventional juice boxes and pouches use glue, extra plastic packaging, and a lot of effort to get
to your juice. Say good bye to missing or broken straws, spraying juice, and hurt feelings with the
exclusive Flip Straw. Built into the structure of the Minute Maid Flip box, Flip Straw is accessible by
tearing the perforated top to reveal the straw and close tab. Once you break the safety seal on top of
the straw, Flip Straw is up and ready for spill-free use. The perforated top and close tab make it easy
to close the box top and save your juice for later.

Toss it in a cooler, grab it on the go, save some for later… Minute Maid Flip is ready for all of your
adventures. The ergonomic packaging is easy for small hands to grasp yet comfortable for all ages.
The graphic design of Minute Maid Flip not only stands out on the shelf, but is also inspired by active
lifestyles, sports, and play. You’ll do flips for Minute Maid Flip.

The Minute Maid Flip Team is Rebecca Blankenship, Brennan Holloway, Caroline Skarupa, Lisa Plato,
and Alex Minkin: all design students at Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia.