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Electric Slice

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Ian Hills, David Payne, Dione Jensen, Clay Harris, Shannon Ashcroft

The “Electric Slice” packaging was created in the pursuit of building a better box not only for
your pizza, but the world around us. We found the passion and energy that makes a good pizza
also makes a great environmentalist. This brand seeks to strike while the iron is hot, never
waiting to see what tomorrow brings, and deliver you delicious pizza to consumers in a flash.
We initially set out to construct a box that simply gave individuals an easier way to recycle, but
figured why stop there? We dug deeper. We examined what else the ordinary pizza box lacks.
The ability to efficiently store leftovers, transport, or even fit into the rubbish or recycle bin,
were all absent. With the problems identified, we set out to solve them.

First we tackled recyclability. By employing the newly discovered nanotech polymer, GreenCoat,
to cover the cardboard, we created the first 100% recyclable AND 100% biodegradable pizza
box. So even if your box doesn’t make it to recycling, you leave no environmental impact.

With the major problem solved, we looked to what will make a better box for the consumer.
Continuing our mission of sustainability and environmental health, we repurposed the box
further. We strategically designed to be more practical when it comes time to store your
leftovers, pack lunch, and dispose. Through an easy peel and tuck process, the old box that
couldn’t fit anywhere, now fits everywhere.