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School:Creative Circus
Team:Nicholas Rog, Andrew Wernette, Rachel Burt,

Nobody seems to care about children’s juice. It’s a sea of sameness, awash in pictures of
wet fruit. Playing surgeon with a lazily packaged plastic straw is less-than-zero
fun—somehow made worse if the straw falls o or apart. It doesn’t help that the straw,
wrapper, and outside packaging aren’t recyclable. Let’s do better.

Minute Maid CHAMPS is the everything-in-one solution to end juice box woes. This
design keeps the straw inside the package. Way easier. It makes opening easier, too. Tear
the perforated tab up and over, and the fold-flat straw appears. Rip. Sip. Done. Since kids
love to leave that little bit of spillable drink at the bottom of the carton, not only is a cube
shape less spillable, the straw can tuck back in for easily sealing.

Instead of weighing down the package in meaningless slogans, we’re using it for fun.
CHAMPS comes in sets of threes, one character per flavor. These are the fruit champions,
personalities that kids can connect to—a little more friendly than plain-old Apple.
Juice is no longer just delicious: it’s awesome. Each character’s story is told on the side,
and the revealing nature of the rip-tab leaves room for a joke. They’re cartoony, a little
ridiculous, and absolutely nothing like the rest of the juice aisle.

The outside packaging got a makeover too. No more useless cardboard boxes. No more
boring plastic wrap. Our die cut solution minimizes packaging while showing o the
product. Story-wise it builds the world for each character, starting the journey from the

Since opening and drinking are now easy, recycling is too. Packaging is all biodegradable,
recycled cardboard, sealed with a hydrophobic coating made from beeswax. No disposable
parts to wind up trashed or on the ground. Minimal amount of packaging, minimal
eect on the environment.

Easier, cleaner, greener, this proves that juice can be more than a picture of a wet apple.
To kids, Minute Maid CHAMPS biggest draw is clear: This drink is fun.