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Barbie EzPak

School:University of Bridgeport
Team:Binghui Liu, Da Zhang, Runyu Sun, Ernest Ang

Joy! That supposed to be what girls are feeling when they got a Barbie doll. But, sometimes it comes with the frustration of opening the layers and layers of packaging before you get to play with the toy. Wrap rage or package rage, is a phenomena where the difficulty of opening a packaging becomes a frustration for the end user.

Often, existing Barbie® Doll packaging uses twist ties that require the kid to get a scissors to cut them or sometimes even require parent’s assistance. To solve this problem, we introduce the new Barbie® Doll packaging, the EzPak.

From looking at the packaging, one probably wouldn’t notice the difference in the packaging as it’s still using the same materials as existing packaging such as cardboard and twist ties. What distinguished EzPak is that it has two cardboard tabs at the back that can be pulled out easily to get the twist ties out from the doll. We also decided to user paper twist ties instead of plastic twist ties as it is recyclable and can still provide the same strength.

On the other hand, the two cardboard pieces that used to hold the doll in place in the packaging contains push-out cardboard pieces that the kid can use to assemble into a set of table and stool though interlocking the pieces together. This enhance the value of the toy packaging for the end user and at the same time making it more reusable without wasting unnecessary packaging materials.

That is what Barbie® Doll EzPak Packaging is designed for, to create delight for the end user which are girls who are opening the toy. At the same time, the packaging still maintains all of the aspects of traditional packaging design that allow consumer to experience as much toy as prior to purchase and also theft and shipping protection. With Barbie® Doll EzPak Packaging, there will be no more hassle opening another Barbie doll and another wrap rage for the kids!