The Band-Aid Booklet

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The Band-Aid Booklet

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Emily Collom, Dione Jensen, Hannah Walk, Andrew Mabini, Jermaine Donnell

Despite nearly 100 years of innovation, Band-Aid packaging has been roughly the same for that entire time, and that’s a problem. The bandage aisle in any drug store is lined with upright tins and boxes filled with bandages in fiddly paper sleeves. The boxes are nicely shaped to fit on shelves, but not in our lives. All of the bandages float freely inside of the boxes with no organization or connection. If you want to take bandages with you, you have to either shove individual pieces in your pocket or bag, or enclose them in additional packaging like a plastic bag.

The only thing harder than finding the right bandage in the moment you’re injured is applying it to your own injury. Once you select a box of Band-Aids, the box contents is jumbled and full of packets that basically all look the same, no matter what’s inside. Once you think you have the right one in hand, the process only gets harder. You have to remove several pieces of paper before you can even see the cotton pad you’re applying to your injury. Once you remove the paper, you’re left with a sticky bandage you have to wrestle into place. The process of healing is more complicated than it needs to be. These issues of transportability, ease of application, and distinguishability are what make Band-Aid the ideal for repackaging.

The Band-Aid Booklet addresses and solves all of these problems with some added style. We’ve created easy to use and completely portable packages made from recycled and recyclable materials in bright and friendly colors. The Band-Aid Booklet is sold in three different sizes for carrying in your wallet, handbag, or keeping at home. The smallest booklet fits easily in a credit card slot in your wallet and the largest is sized perfectly for a tight kitchen drawer or putting on your refrigerator. Each booklet is created from recycled paperboard and the sterile bandage sleeves are made from recyclable parchment paper and transfer tape. The labels are printed with 100% biodegradable UV Ink on recycled paper.

Band-Aid Booklets are super convenient for life on the go, and the bandages inside are packaged to help you heal faster. Each bandage is inside of a sleeve you can apply with one hand. Getting a bandage on your bump, burn, or boo-boo shouldn’t slow you down, and now it doesn’t have to. The Band-Aid Booklet gets you back to your life faster. Simply peel, stick, heal.