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Rise Baking Company

School:Wichita University
Team:Lauren Osoba

I created a company called Rise Baking Company that sells pre-measured flour to consumers.

We offer consumers an alternative to traditional flour packages that spill, causing unwanted messes and waste.

We pre-measure our flour in increments of 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup for your convenience. Including the precise amount of flour is now easier than ever! Our packets of flour remain organized in the three-tier box. All unused packets of flour remain sealed for future baking projects, reducing food waste.

Rise Baking Co. believes in making lives better now and in the future. For this reason, we have reduced paper waste by choosing bio-degradable, seed-infused paper. All packaging instructs consumers on how to recycle the product. Once you have used a packet simply plant the paper. Edible flowers that can be used in future baking projects will germinate within 10-14 days.

Rise Baking Co. From flour to flower and at a grocer near you. Try our full line of earth-friendly products today.