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Marbry Mill, Inc.

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Megan Stallings, Kile Chapman, Kristine Roupas

Although many of us associate a flour coated kitchen with the nostalgia of Grandmas house;
mostly it is just a mess. The flexible paper bags leave a trail of flour from the grocery store,
through your car, and into your home. Once its time to bake the mess continues while sifting,
measuring, and pouring. In turn, leaving fine layer of flour on every surface. The bags are far
from ergonomic and lack a good storage method.

Marbry Mill, Inc., is focused on meeting the needs of the customer while differentiating
commodity products such as flour. The shape stands out among the bags in the grocery store
and is designed to fit a standard shelf height. The graphics are modern with a nostalgic twist
that take the customer back to Grandmas with out the mess. The sifting dispenser and
packaging system can easily be transferred to other products like brown, powdered, and
granulated sugar.

The container is designed for convenience with its unique sifting and measurement base. The
flour is gravity feed into the sifting component. In a few quick motions you can incorporate the
sifting feature into the 2 1/2 cup measuring tray. The measuring tray reduces mess and waste
associated with typical measuring cups. The base is made out of gray PET for its stability and
surface texture that matches most kitchen appliances. The tray is made of clear PET with large
measurement lines for clarity. The base is interchangeable with various Marbry Product lines
like, Self-Rising, All Purpose, Whole Wheat, and Gluten Free flour options.

The flour product is packaged in an HDPE container that is durable and resealable. HDPE is a
practical option for production and is common in the recycling stream. The color of the HDPE is
bold and varies based on the product contained. The container has a freshness seal to help with
contamination and mess problems in the distribution stream. The container is ergonomically
shaped to making 5lbs easier to transport. The top conveniently clips onto the bottom of the
container for easy-to-find storage during use with the sifting base. When switching products one
can simply use the container for safe and mess free storage.

The base is a one time expense and you can easily select a new product container to use.
Each variety of flour has a unique bold color to ensure that you leave the store with the product
you need. The graphics are simple and modern with a traditional feel. The yellow, blue, green,
and red colors are variations of the standard branding you see in the baking isle. The shape
stands out and creates interest on a otherwise boring shelf. Customers will be drawn in by
curiosity and fall in love with this ergonomic, mess-free, simple, flour packaging solution.