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Lil' Monsters

School:Michigan State University
Team:Benjamin Richards, Sarah Lindlbauer, Genevieve Gagnier, Lauren Johnson, Kali Martin

Lil’ Monsters sets out to address the current issues with multi-pack adhesive bandage packaging. Most multi-packs come with three or more sized bandages, all placed loosely in the same box. This makes it difficult to find the desired size quickly, and it is not clear when you are out of a particular size. Additionally, the primary packaging of each bandage requires two hands to open, which can become problematic with an injury to one hand or when multi-tasking.

The Lil’ Monsters Adhesive Bandage Multi-Pack offers a greatly improved consumer experience and package functionality. The pull-tab allows for easy opening of the carton and reveals three rolls of bandages, separated by size. Each roll dispenses as one of the three Monsters’ – Garry’s, Sherry’s, or Harry’s – colorful tongues! The consumer is able to quickly differentiate the sizes and grab a bandage with just one hand. This system eliminates the need for individual packages for each bandage, reducing the likelihood to tear the bandage and reducing the amount of packaging material used per bandage. The end of the roll for each size bandage features a warning “Uh-oh! Time to pick up more!”, so it is clear when a size has run out.

The pack stands out on the shelf with its bright colors and pull-tab opening feature. Kids will want to have it and parents will want to buy it for their kids. Lil’ Monsters features unique characters with stories that kids can enjoy and relate to. Parents will love how easy it is to grab a bandage while multi-tasking.

From a business perspective, this pack has improved consumer appeal, while not over-packaging or significantly increasing material costs. The paperboard carton is 100% recyclable, and the amount of primary bandage packaging material has been significantly reduced without compromising the sterility of the product.

Lil’ Monsters Adhesive Bandages are the creative solution to the current issues with multi-pack bandages.