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Keep Me Together

School:Georgia Tech
Team:Catherine Meschia, Amanda Foster, Sean Mackey, Michael Lehman, Ruoxi Wang

The standard bandage box is 1.25” thick & packs 30 bandages. “Keep Me Together” can fit
50 bandages in the same space with less trash by arranging them in overlapping rows. This
arrangement also allows the user to know one end of each bandage is adhered to the
package while the other end remains free, covered by a layer of protective paper. To retrieve
a bandage, the user simply needs to grab the loose end of the desired bandage and pull. The
bandage peels off of the package and the protective paper prevents the bandage from
sticking to the hand being used to peel the bandage. The bandage can be removed and
applied with one hand.

Traditional bandages can create 3 to 4 pieces of paper waste per bandage. With “Keep Me
Together”, each individual bandage produces only one piece of biodegradable paper waste.
The outer packaging is made primarily of recycled paperboard printed with soy ink. The
protective layer on the interior of the package and each individual bandage is made from
recycled postconsumer
paper coated in beeswax, allowing the bandages to stick to the paper
while being stored and easily removed when needed.

The bold colors and strong & simple “instructions” are aimed to appeal to a younger audience,
specifically the millennial population and their different environments. “Keep Me Together”
personally connects with the user by “speaking” to them, telling them where each size is best
used. The packaging graphics also encourage users to recycle the packaging after the
bandages have been depleted. As bandages are used, they reveal a friendly reminder to
recycle the empty package.

The “Keep Me Together” suggestions on each package make the purchase and use more
personal to the user.