It’s Just Flour

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It's Just Flour

School:University of Bridgeport
Team:Irving Heredia, Caitlin Zampleron, Phillip Carrok, Justin Collado

It’s Just Flour is a new, ingenious packaging design & it’s splendid with simplicity. With no big, messy bag, consumers can finally use flour without having a big clean up after. It’s Just Flour has all of the accessibility of a regular bag of flour without any of the risk. Its revolutionary two compartment angular design not only practically eliminates the mess that other flour packages are known for, which leaves you with a mess free kitchen after use, but also allows the consumer to use the flour any way they please; whether it would be adding dashes or pinches of flour for a pizza, or pouring flour into a measuring cup to bake a cake. It’s Just Flour is also efficient within the packaging, allowing both compartments to refill each other if one runs low thanks to a tear-off tab, located in the center of the package. Not only is our product user-friendly, but it’s also environmentally efficient, using only recyclable cardboard and plastics. With It’s Just Flour, we aim to achieve a higher level of convenience. We believe that although we are accustomed to a traditional inconvenient design, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to create something even better.