School:Georgia Tech
Team:Sidney Brinson, Deepak Selvaraj, Grace Cha

Flour packaging has barely evolved since the 1850’s. Grocery store flour aisles are filled with flour packaged in a folded paper bag with dull and outdated graphics. As any baker or chef knows, the traditional paper bag packaging has a variety of issues. It tears easily, is not re-sealable, and requires extra tools to measure and level out the contents. Tearing of the bag often results in a huge mess. Not having a re-sealable feature often forces the user dispense the contents into another container, again resulting in a mess. Measuring the exact amount of flour is a crucial step in the culinary process. Just half a teaspoon too much or too little could result in an atrocious and inedible disaster. Precise scooping and measuring flour requires a measuring cup and a knife to level off the top, resulting in more dirty dishes. So how do we redesign a durable flour packaging that doesn’t require resealing and extra tools for precise measurement, while preserving a clean kitchen and using eco-friendly materials?

Grain flour packaging solves these issues, freeing the user of previous culinary limitations and allowing the user to create culinary masterpieces to a new level. Grain’s packaging features a 100% recyclable cardboard tube with a rotating compartment on the bottom to dispense exactly ½ a cup of flour, without having to measure using extra tools or creating a mess. The first time the user twists the bottom of the tube, the colorful tamper evident seal at the seam will tear along the perforation. Twisting the tube 180 degrees back and forth and aligning the two ends of the seal, now serves as a visual indication for dispensing a ½ cup of flour. A small bump on the inner tube and a matching recess on the outer tube, provide the user with tactile feedback, indicating that he or she has twisted just enough.

For instances where the user may need a different measurement of flour, he or she can simply pull off the top of the tube and pour out the desired amount.

To contrast against the dull and dog-eared rectangular shapes packed in the flour aisle, Grain provides a fresh and fun design that gets novice and expert chefs excited to embark on their culinary adventure. Colorful and minimal graphics printed in soy-based ink allow the user to quickly and easily differentiate between various types of flour. Grain is also available in 1 pound, 2 pound, and 5 pound cannisters.

Grain provides the chef with a reliable, easy, and mess-free method of measuring and scooping flour.