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Flour POD

School:Georgia Tech
Team:Riana Dawson, Jackeline Gonzalez, Ben Katz, Tamisha Washington, Jocelyn Yao

Flour bags are annoying. Frequently, they are difficult to open, no matter how careful you are, and the paper rips, making it hard to reseal and store. Flour often leaks out and has to be cleaned up, and while you’re dispensing the flour into your mixture, a dusty, white cloud inevitably puffs back into your face, cloth and kitchen!

Generally, sugar, spices and rice also come in paper bags. But they can also be purchased in resealable containers. Why isn’t this option readily available for flour?

Introducing Flour POD, the flour packaging option that takes the mess out of cooking with flour. Flour POD features an integrated measuring cup that allows you to measure out your flour without the risk of spillage. Because of its tubular shape, Flour POD fits easily and comfortably in your hand, making handling flour that much easier. Just twist the reservoir to release the flour, and twist it in the opposite direction when you have enough. Then, remove the measuring cup and add the flour to your mixture. This allows you to quickly and neatly measure out your flour, eliminating the need for cleanup or wasting flour .  When you’re finished, just lock the measuring cup back into the reservoir and store Flour POD in your pantry. No tape. No ripped bag. No spilled flour. No mess!

Each package is made with 100% recyclable, clear HDPE plastic and cardboard, and is printed with soy-based inks. This keeps costs, waste and your guilty conscience low. Flour POD can even be reused to store other things such as rice, sugar, spices, and oatmeal.

You have probably browsed the grocery store hundreds of times, and even if you don’t remember what the flour packaging looks like, you certainly remember what an annoyance it is to use it. When we set out to give flour a fresh look and feel, we wanted to change that experience. The goal was to create both a package and an experience, so you spend less time cleaning, and more time making memories.