Well Raised Eggs

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Well Raised Eggs

School:Clemson University
Team:Gabrielle Conlon, Kathryn Thompson

Eggs. One of the most basic products, yet they provide with so much. Eggs assist in weight loss, are a great source of protein, help with brain development, memory, and eye sight all while being inexpen- sive and readily available. During the shopping experience, why are eggs such an afterthought? We have redesigned the egg package to project the product in a better light of attracting and educating the consumer. In order to do so we have incorporated the following features in our package redesign:

– Secure eggs

– Create consumer customizable quantities

– Allow for easy transport without additional packaging

– Make eggs easily accessible

– Use Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable material

– All in one piece and material.

The carton is created from a 16-point Kraft uncoated 100% recycled paperboard. When formed the carton uses minimal gluing and a support system that forms around all sides of the egg securing the top and bottom with cutouts. The support system is easily opened revealing the eggs. This provides simplicity during loading of the eggs at the customer level and when removing the eggs for use at the consumer level. A single carton contains four eggs, just the right amount for a single person house- hold. If that is you, just grab the handle and go! If you have more than just one mouth to feed at home, don’t worry just stack more. The handle also acts as an interlocking feature to stack more cartons. Even with multiple cartons stacked the handle from the top carton is always accessible to easily transport the eggs from the store to your home without the use of a plastic bag.

The branding reflects the simplicity of an egg and the complexity of its benefits. Raise, a simple word, is used in two ways. The first is to educate the consumer about the quality of the product by using the phrase well-raised. Secondly, the word raise is used to inform the consumer that the product can be raised one on top of the other to increase quantities from 4 to 8, 12, 16, and even more. This play on words was used again with the number four to let the consumer know how many eggs are included in one carton, but also to say that this product is 4 you. The graphics enhance the idea that the eggs are well raised. The simple color scheme and font support both a natural and simple theme.

Our advice to the consumer: don’t make eggs an afterthought, raise your EGG-spectations!