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Village Farm Organic Eggs

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Caitlan Werner, Paige Hanserd, Alice Chaosurawong, Maurice Elmore, Ross Droege, Hayley Ivy, Erin McGlothlin, Zachary McCellan

For the past century, eggs have been sold in flimsy and environmentally damaging packages. Additionally, the existing quantity choices do not appeal to varying sizes of American families. Research shows that the average American consumes four eggs per week. Village Farm Organic Eggs are packaged in multiples of four and six to provide the consumer with a more appropriate quantity to fit their needs. Using a simple form that mimics the egg shape and makes handling easy, we created a structurally sound container to gently cradle the eggs. Our package features carefully placed grooves for ergonomic comfort, as well as a drawer allowing you to keep the package in the fridge and grab only the eggs you need. The shallow dips on the sides of the drawer provide space for a secure grip on the egg when removing it from the package.

We partnered with Ecovative Design to create a container featuring a foam-like and cost-competitive solution to the existing polystyrene, plastic, and paper pulp egg cartons. This Ecovative material, grown from corn stalks and mushroom roots (known as mycelium), provides a cradle for the eggs while maintaining a solid structure for safe transportation from farm, to store, to stove. The mushroom material is truly revolutionary due to the strength of the product and the inexpensive cost. The mycelium and vegetable stalks are mixed together to create a matrix and poured into a mold. Within a few days, the mixture naturally bonds to create a strong shape that can be used for a variety of packaging, insulating, and building needs. This technology lends itself nicely to egg packaging because of its 100% organic composition and natural texture.

Once the eggs are gone, both the shells and the mushroom material will naturally breakdown whether it’s thrown in your trash, your recycling bin, or your home compost pile. An added advantage is this material is 100% compatible with the planet; not only does it organically decompose, it actually puts nutrients back into the earth! Using this technology, we’re working hard to create a better future for our planet, one egg at a time.

The graphics bring a hand-drawn, yet refined appearance showcasing the accessible personality of Village Farm. The graphics also provoke feelings of comfort and togetherness surrounding the tradition of making eggs in the morning. Eggs are an essential ingredient in a wide range of recipes and a staple at big family breakfasts and lazy Sunday brunches with friends. The charming illustrated homes support feelings of community and the idea of coming together to share a meal with those you care about.
Village Farm Organic Eggs stand out amongst other egg packages and draw consumer attention due to the ergonomic, attractive shape. The calming blue tone used on the inner wall of the container and the label evoke a sense of comfort and dependability. The packaging has a distinct freshness to it, reminiscent of a bright and clear morning sky.