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UNION Stirring Cream

School:The Creative Circus
Team:Andi Mints, Tyler DeBoard, Chase Stevens

The coffee industry is constantly growing and ever-changing. With new varieties, brewing methods, and ways of enjoying your daily brew, it can be hard to keep up. Getting the coffee to the cup may be a complex process, but adding flavor to your drink shouldn’t be.

Traditionally, adding cream to a cup of coffee has included a flimsy plastic cream container, a difficult foil seal, and a search for a stir stick. Union Stirring Cream has done away with this process, and the unnecessary waste that it creates. By replacing the creamer container and stirrer with a solidified stick of cream and flavor that melts right into your cup, Union Stirring Cream eliminates waste and saves time while keeping every ounce of flavor.

The Union Stirring Cream sticks are packaged in a glass container that can be reused, recycled, or returned to your local coffee shop to be refilled. This reduces, and in some cases completely eliminates, consumer waste while adding a desired design element.

How a person takes their coffee says a lot about them. There are those who take it black, those who take it with sugar or cream, and those who use Union Stirring Cream. Less waste, less time, and more flavor. Great coffee. Great creamer. Great flavor in its simplest form.