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Stripp's Bacon

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Mary Durant, M.C. Coppage, Brie Florence, Alec Burch, Danielle Maskery, Robert Bienvenu, Sophia Farkas, Carolina Colombo

Today’s bacon packaging leaves much to be desired, from in-store experience to cooking and clean up. The bacon section in the grocery store is a sea of red, yellow, and plastic, while bacon preparation and cooking presents even greater obstacles. Layers of tightly stacked meat in a greasy plastic make it difficult to access individual serving sizes. Splatters cause tedious messes around stoves and countertops, wasting paper towels and cleaning products. Not to mention the grease cooked onto the actual skillet or frying pan. Most existing bacon packages are not resealable. The consumer must choose between cooking the whole pack, or using extra plastic to seal the remaining bacon. For those in single or small households, large packages aren’t ideal, and preselected portion control isn’t an option. Waste of product, messiness, and unsustainable packaging make bacon an ideal re-pack item.

Stripp’s Bacon addresses and solves these issues while creating a new culinary adventure. We’ve created a package that allows for portion control, ease of use, and practically eliminates cleaning, all while made from eco-friendly mater ials. Stripp’s Bacon is sold in pouches of single, double, and family-size servings. Each pouch is made from a single piece of 100% recycled, 55 lb. vegetable parchment paper and printed with soy-based inks that can withstand oven temperatures of 450 degrees. Instead of cooking bacon in a stove-top pan, our packaging is designed for oven use. Oven-baked bacon requires less attention, cooks more evenly and reduces the need for cleanup. Stripp’s Bacon packaging is designed to go directly into the oven. The top layer is peeled back and secured, acting as a tilted stand so grease collects at the bottom of the package. Once cooked, the bacon can be easily removed while the grease is left contained in the package, ready to be recycled or discarded.

Beyond the practical issues of today’s bacon packaging, Stripp’s Bacon elevates bacon to an experience. With our unique flavors, Honey-Cayenne and Coconut-Lime, we present home cooks with the opportunity to experiment in their recipes and foodie creations. For everyday cooking, our original Peppercorn flavor is a staple for every kitchen.

Stripp’s Bacon leaves you with a mess-free kitchen—-no dishes to wash or grease to clean. The convenient sizes allow easy portion control and eliminate the possibility of leftovers going to waste. Once you’re cooking is complete, you can place the packaging with the rest of your recyclables. Without the problems of messy bacon cooking, Stripp’s Bacon gives home cooks greater freedom to savor their unique bacon creations.