Pearl Coffee Creamer

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Pearl Coffee Creamer

School:The University of Kansas
Team:Sydney Goldstein, Leslie Montes, Chloe Hosid, Katie Whiteman

Current coffee creamers are messy, cheap, wasteful, and ignorant of the consumer. Pearl is a self-contained pod of creamer that releases cream when ‘plinked’ into a hot beverage. The creamer is self-contained, eliminating individual packaging waste. Each Pearl is half the size of a typical creamer cup; like sugar cubes, users can better control the amount of creamer used. Like creamers that are currently on the market, Pearl comes in a variety of flavors including French Vanilla, Mocha and Hazelnut. Pearls contain everything your coffee needs in one convenient pod, making it easy to customize your coffee in one simple step.

Our concept for Pearls was inspired by Tide Pods and Cascade Rinse Aid. The dissolving sealant used in these products makes the product self-contained and easy for the consumer to use. The design of our Pearls embodies this same principle and is already a part of the consumer’s everyday life.

Inspiration for the branding and packaging was pulled from the rippling of the ocean, and specifically the elegant ripples our Pearls create when dropped into a cup of coffee. Our logotype has a period, evoking our product is simple, and to the point, while hinting coffee isn’t complete without a pearl. Our innovative packaging design has eliminated all packaging-related waste. Pearls are packaged in an elegant, ergonomic glass container that can be re-used. In addition, the lid is removable and made of PLA, a biodegradable plastic made of plant-based materials.

The iridescent cream color reminds the consumer of pearls: beautiful and elegant. In the same way a string of pearls is a luxurious accent to an outfit; Pearl creamers are the perfect accent for your cup of coffee. Pearls make your morning coffee rich.