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Oinker Strips

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Steven Brown, Eric Joseph Valdecanas Estrada, Daniel Kim, Samantha Phanthanousy

Bacon is America’s favorite addition to any meal. The crispy and flavorful pork belly can be seen in any grocery store in a flexible, transparent package. This packaging has been around for decades and works well with customers, or so we think. The problem with the current package is that most of them are not re-sealable. They only offer one portion and it can be a big, greasy mess to cook. Everyone has had that moment when the belly fat hits the frying pan only to burn their unprotected skin.

Oinker Strips™ is the newest and most convenient way of packaging bacon. It is consumer friendly and easily portable for any college breakfast or office lunch. For an aesthetic appeal, the Oinker Strips™ will come in several different styled pigs for corresponding flavors such as Teriyaki, Chipotle, Honey Glazed, and Italian Herbed Seasoning. The Oinker Strips™ itself is a small and space efficient size. It fits perfectly on any refrigerator shelf for prime access. No need to worry about resealing or the bacon going bad because each slice is individually wrapped. The individual portion sizes of bacon allow a “grab-on-the-go” mentality, perfect for the busy Bobs and Betties in the world. Pop a slice of Oinker Strips™ into the microwave and you are ready to chow down in a matter of seconds.

The outer structure of the package is 100% paperboard. This sustainable design is easy to recycle and inexpensive to manufacture. The octagon design provides structural durability while adding aesthetic value to the package by being a unique and eye-catching geometric shape. The design of the pig shows practicality with the nose acting as a method to roll out the slices of bacon. The slices of bacon are individually wrapped and can be separated with ease. The vacuum-sealed polypropylene prevents oxidation and provides convenience as a microwavable material. Polypropylene is the ideal material for the product because it is durable enough to protect, yet flexible enough to fit into the main package. For ventilation purposes, the strips of bacon have a small layering effect on the sides. When each piece is detached, tiny pores will be exposed in order for the steam to be released in the microwave.

Oinker Strips™ gives the customer the functionality of portability and efficiency. It is an ideal option for customers to turn to for an original and innovative bacon package. Companies will thrive with a one-of-a-kind product and the potential for marketing expansion with new flavors and designs. Oinker Strips™ is fun for kids, economical for adults, and delicious for everyone.