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Delight Coffee Creamer

School:Rutgers University
Team:Miles Borgeson, Damen Soriente, Brandon Williams, William Kim, Mackenzie Mickel, Jason Caetano, Irina Limaico

Today’s culture is the product of a fast paced society that revolves around immediate gratification, with a certain level of satisfaction expected in all facets of our lives. Our group set out to try and improve the design and functionality behind the popular, yet inefficient idea of a coffee creamer cup. After considering many factors, we developed the idea of a coffee creamer pouch.  The coffee creamer pouch is superior in transportability, sustainability and ease of use.

The fragility of the creamer cup was the primary attribute we tried to improve on.  We did away with the typical creamer cup, and instead implemented a more durable pouch design.  It is a standing gusseted pouch, which uses a perforated edge and a tapered spout with minimum headspace to cut down on material and avoid spillage when opening the package.  The new design not only allows for care free transport by pocket, purse or bag but also responds well to puncture and drop testing.  Due to these innovations, we were not only able to give the pouch a sleek designbut also improve on its overall practical function.

We used the LCA tool in the PackSmart program to analyze the metalized foil pouch and the plastic cup with respect to GHG emissions, energy usage and water usage (Please refer the following images below for the LCA data).  Due to the fact that the cup uses multiple processes in manufacturing, we saw room for improvement.  The previous design requires the injection molding of the cup, lamination of the paper and metalized film and induction sealing of the lid.  Using a multi lane style processing concept, it’s possible to cut, fill, and seal our pouches in one continuous stream.  This streamlined process saves the manufacturer time and resources.  In addition, metalized film provides a better barrierwhich extends shelf life, and the stand up pouch allows the product to be displayed using bolder techniques.  Looking at these factors, we confirmed that the foil pouch is again unrivaled.

Our carton makes ease of distribution and display.  The carton features tear away edges and a perforated top transforming our carton form a typical box to a flashy display model in a few simple motions.  Using our unique die cut design for our secondary package, we are able to nest the box blanks, maximizing use of the paperboard and minimizing waste while also allowing for vibrant display options.  In addition, the thinner design of the pouch promotes better packing efficiency, further reducing transportation costs and emissions.

With our more sustainable, durable, and artistic coffee creamer pouch, you’ll never be caught crying over spilt milk again.