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Henny and Penny Eggs

School:Chowan University
Team:Lee Duncan, Sarah Davis, Ben Selander

Henny and Penny are here to provide you with Large Grade A eggs like you have never seen before. Our unique design implements a stand up design that separates into three different sections while still giving the consumer a full dozen eggs, and allowing for the user to decrease the space their eggs take up in the fridge after they use them. It is practical for people who keep well-stocked refrigerators that they are able to use the space that the empty egg spaces in the carton normally take up.

Everyone needs eggs. Any company selling eggs can tell you that. So to increase their profits a package that stands out on the supermarket shelves is the best way to improve upon their sales. Targeting the children, with a necessary product like this, is the best way to not only catch a shopper’s eye, but also land the product in the cart.

This product targets families generally living in suburbia, specifically those with children. The reason behind this is that Children are the way to implement change into a household. By catching their eyes there is better chance of having a family purchase one product over another when the product that is exactly the same. The packaging of our eggs reaches children through its cartoon like characters, recognizable shape of an egg as the carton, and its bright striking colors. Anything that will make a child happy is more likely to be bought because they will be excited about the product later and want to be around when it is being used.

While protecting the delicate product that it holds our egg carton is sturdy enough to carry around like a book, instead of having to cradle the eggs in your arms. The package is then broken up into three different sections, the top section has three eggs, the middle section has five eggs, and the last section has four eggs. The sections are all sealed with resalable tabs and can come apart from one another for easy access to the perfect number of eggs. When you use eggs from Henny and Penny to make a cake you can rip the top part of the box off, lift the casing up and there sits three eggs to put into your batter. This is so you do not have to set the entire box of eggs on the counter while you are baking, and doubles as a sturdy holder for those eggs while they are on the counter.

Our renewed carton for eggs is that it is entirely made out of corrugated board. Because of the egg cartons that are most commonly used today are environmentally unsafe, it allows consumers to rest at ease knowing that when they recycle our box it will be good for the environment not only for their fridge space.