FLEX Egg Carrier

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FLEX Egg Carrier

School:The University of Kansas
Team:Jennifer Beck, Josie Miller, Nicholas Ostmeyer, Aliaa Elkalyoubi

Eggs are used in every day cooking and meals all around the world. With such a large customer base, the current packaging design for eggs, albeit environmentally friendly in its chosen materials, chooses to ignore the inevitability of excessive waste. The packaging for eggs has been produced essentially the same way for over a century and the problems caused from the mainstream design have been around for just as long. A current egg carton is flimsy to handle, lacks the strength and durability to protect its contents, promotes buying in excess, and encourages a wasteful society. By identifying the problems and constraints that these paper pulp molded containers pose to the everyday consumer, our team was able to focus our Re- Pack design on key issues. We believe that an egg carrier should be reusable, protective, and accommodating.

Our innovative FLEX egg carrier is designed to be a multi-use shopping companion alongside the increasingly popular reusable grocery bags. Green to its core, FLEX is made out of low-energy consuming walnut veneer plywood, replaceable elastic bands, and foam padding made from soy oil. The durability of the carrier promotes re-use and the proportions of the design allow the carrier to fit safely in most recycled grocery bags and refrigerators.

FLEX is built to protect. The web fashioned by overlapping elastic creates a nest, allowing eggs to fit spaciously and securely without budging. With the eggs hovering on the line between feeling safe and daring, the solid wooden shell provides peace of mind by protecting the contents from being bumped or smashed by other groceries.
The FLEX carrier is created to accommodate your needs. Current packaging limits purchasing quantities to six or a dozen eggs, but FLEX allows the customer to buy only what they need. Paired with a display of eggs that can be picked individually, the interwoven nest can secure one to over a dozen eggs. This feature allows for customers to buy any quantity of eggs
desired and avoids the ever-frustrating scenario of arriving home and finding a cracked egg in a pre-packaged carton.

FLEX is unlike any egg carrier in the market, in both concept and design. The graphics are contemporary to parallel the modern idea for future egg production and packaging. The packaging is aesthetically sculptural, making it a fresh and appealing option for new and reappearing customers. It is reusable, protective, and accommodating; the strength is in the movement.