Fat Stacks Bacon

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Fat Stacks Bacon

School:The Creative Circus
Team:Cheyenne Henderson, Stephanie Del Rosal, Drew Shields

Many people consider bacon to be the most valuable breakfast food.

They really love this stuff!

We set out to address many practical issues that plague bacon‐lovers.

– Keep the kitchen counter clean by never removing more bacon
than you need from the box.

– Your hands won’t get contaminated because each piece of bacon is

wrapped in a wax paper lining. From removal to placing on the

pan, the greasy bacon never touches your hands!

– Since each piece of bacon is wrapped, you can freeze the box

without pieces sticking to each other. In addition, the compact box

shape takes up less space in your already crowded fridge.

Best yet, this is a bacon packaging that’s completely recyclable,

manufactured with:

– organic Bee’s Wrap wax for the box lining and single-­‐serve wrappers

– recycled cardboard stock

– eco‐friendly, biodegradable adhesive

The design of the box pays homage to bacon’s intrinsic value and is inspired by America’s luxurious past. This gold‐bar design is adorned with witty quips fit for a millionaire munching on this fine swine. Now the finest part of breakfast has a package worth its weight in gold.