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Egg Head Eggs

Team:Chad Krohn, Gabrielle Villar, Ryan Breton, Ryan Federman

The packaging behind Egg Head Eggs was designed with the intent of giving more variety to the consumer, while addressing the issues of protection, efficient storing in consumer refrigerators, and increasing the visibility of the eggs.

The innovative packaging of Egg Head allows a unit size of two eggs, giving variety to the consumer in comparison to the standard unit size of a dozen and half dozen eggs. Tabs located on the top, bottom, and middle of the cylindrical face, gives the option of joining the two eggs into a totem, used for a sale unit and the ability to combine two totems by the tabs on the middle of the faces. Each single egg package has the same orientation of tabs enabling the individual egg package to be interchangeable with any other egg segments.

Knowing that an egg’s strength lies in the vertical axis, the package was designed to keep the egg vertical while minimizing the contact with the sides of the egg. Also when the egg segments are stacked there is slight contact with the top and bottom each egg, in order to use the natural stacking strength of the eggs.

After purchasing a dozen eggs a consumer may get home and use two, maybe four eggs, all the while the carton will still take up the same amount of space in the fridge either with eight or a full dozen. To prevent wasted refrigerator space, Egg Heads designed the eggs in individual packages, known as egg segments. Therefore the consumer does not have to keep unoccupied packaging space in their fridge, but rather utilize as much refrigerator space as possible.

Visibility of the eggs both in the store and in the consumer’s fridge, were found to be an issue. Currently consumers cannot easily look at an egg carton to check for broken eggs, they have to open each carton, and even then only the top of the egg is visible. At home a consumer may believe they have a dozen or so eggs left in the carton, but when opening the carton they find only a few eggs are left. With the Egg Head design, visibility is included in the x and y-axis, allowing consumers to see the quality of the eggs when purchasing and the amount of eggs left in their fridge.

Egg head, as defined by Google is “a person who is highly academic or studious; an intellectual”, this was the target market. Egg cartons have remained the same for over a century. Those that purchase Egg Head looks for the next innovative concept and is eager to keep moving forward even when the world is at a stand-still. Not only are Egg Head consumers a part of this innovative product they are the starters of a future ingenuity wave.