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Coffee-Mate Drops

Team:Jacob Fornof, Allison Conte, Cyrus Hannibal, John Leavitt

Single serving coffee creamers are messy and wasteful! When they are opened the content splashes out, and after they are used there is a pile of plastic leaking cream on the table. With 37 billion creamer cups consumed each year and Nestle’s Coffee-Mate creamer controlling 68% of the market, we chose to redesign the way Coffee-Mate makes their creamer cups.

Creaming your coffee has never been so easy. Simply place one Drop into your cup of coffee and stir! The flavorless gelatin exterior sphere (which encases the standard 3/8 fl oz of creamer), dissolves instantly. Coffee-Mate Drops give you a creamy and delicious cup of coffee without the mess or the hassle.

The consumer no longer has to worry about disposing of plastic cups. After the user finishes all of the creamer drops, all they have to do is dispose of one box. We have improved the product experience by simplifying both the way the consumer uses the product as well as the disposal process. By completely eliminating the use of plastic, we are saving more than 37 billion creamer cups per year- allowing our innovative idea to have a very big impact.

Current coffee creamer single containers are made of new plastic, and are multi- layered. This means they are not made out of recycled materials, and they are likely not even recyclable at most commercial facilities. By replacing these ecologically unfriendly plastic cups with rapidly dissolving gelatin spheres, the carton from the grocery store is the only container to dispose of. And being made of biodegradable paperboard, our carton can be easily recycled.

The carton easily dispenses one Drop at a time and protects the others from germs and damage. The space-efficient shape can be conveniently stored in the fridge or cupboard, or displayed on the counter.

Coffee-Mate Drops are a new and innovative way to solve the issues the coffee creamer industry faces today, as well as provide consumers with a better brand experience.

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