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Coffee Mate 2 Go

School:University of Wisconsin-Stout
Team:Matt Berg, Brandon Shook, Brett Vavra, Steven Chamberland, Justin Melby

A trip to your local coffee shop will provide plenty of encounters with simple, everyday products that are packaged ineffectively. In particular, the single serving coffee creamers seem to be stuck in the past packaging wise. Not only are they not user friendly, but it seems as if you can never get the right amount of creamer in your coffee in an efficient manner. Folks who enjoy a creamier coffee must open three or more packages just to achieve their preferred taste. Not to mention there is always the chance that the creamer can spill while it’s being open, or dumped into your morning java. There has got to be a better way to get that much needed creamer into your coffee? Well, there is, introducing Coffee Mate® 2 Go! This product is simply a no mess method to get your creamer into your coffee. It utilizes a no mess lid that allows the product to only flow out when the body of the container is squeezed.

There were many reasons for redesigning the standard small serving coffee creamer cups. The primary reason we decided to reinvent this package was for user convenience. We feel it is extremely important to deliver a package that the user can take on the go, that doesn’t create a mess, and can be used more than once. By installing a no mess top on our package, we believe this solves many of the problems with the traditional package, and delivers unparalleled convenience to the user. This product is very similar to any energy concentrates that can be added to water. (i.e. MiO Energy) Another crucial benefit to this package design is the reduction in material that is being used because our package holds eight conventional coffee creamers, essentially turning eight packages into one. In order to make the most environmentally friendly package, the body of our package will be made out of PLA plastic. This is a cornstarch based plastic that is biodegradable, while the cap will be made out of PP because of the live hinge.

In conclusion, this innovative new package is the ultimate alternative to the conventional single serving coffee creamer cup. Not only does this package provide quick and easy on the go access to coffee creamer, but it virtually eliminates the possibility of a mess. Additionally, the materials used in our package are environmentally friendly. We truly believe this package has potential to change the coffee creamer landscape.