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Calf n' Half

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Geoff Meyer, Michael Fortunato, Nolan Evancheck, Stephanie Betzel Catherine Seeley

Calf n’ Half is a new and improved take of on-the-go coffee creamer. This design allows for flavor variation with two different flavor compartments. Some flavors combinations include simple classics such as original and hazelnut, as well as the seasonal favorites such as Pumpkin-spice with caramel, and peppermint with mocha. Calf n Half’s flavor combinations are selectively chosen in order to compliment each other. The re-sealable lids helps all coffee drinkers to take Calf n’ Half on the go. The convenient size makes Calf n’ Half an ideal size for your desk at the office, your pocket, or even a purse.

By using a multi-layer plastic bottle, we essentially are using 20% PE Bio-plastic and a middle layer of 80% post-consumer recycled plastic. The bottles are created through a co-extrusion blow molding process. The back of the container provides an opening view of the cream inside, so customers can see how much is left. There is also a tablespoon scale provided next to the label opening. Our branding was chosen to merely inform customers of the flavors without cramping the label space. The cream is poured from each side of the Calf n’ Half container by opening a clamping nob. The cowbell shape provides a handle and good storing space.