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Stick Butter

School:University of Cincinnati
Team:Anna Kler

I’ve always used butter and after using it, I had to wash my hands at least three or four times because my hands would get so sticky and greasy . I always wondered why no one made a product where we could use butter without getting our hands sticky and without wasting it. So, I came up with a design where we don’t have to touch the butter at all with our bare hands. It’s called stick butter, where the butter is in the cylindrical container (which is disposable) and has a plastic stick at the end. So, if you push the stick inwards the butter comes out and you can use as much as you want. And once you are done using you just have to put the paper cover back and it’s ready to refrigerate. I came up with this simple and efficient design because I thought we needed something that was easy to use yet simple in shape. Personally speaking according to me the best design is a simple design. Not only is this design very simple but is very useful in different ways too.

Let’s take another example, sometimes when we go grocery shopping or we forget to refrigerate the butter and its summer time, it starts melting and if you hold it again your hands get all greasy. So, in this case if this melting happens you can always hold it from the plastic stick and all is good. This design is made of all recyclable, low cost disposable materials. The horizontal cylinder is made from cardboard, the stick from plastic and the front cover is made out of paper. I called my design stick butter because it literally is butter with a stick. So, choose stick butter to your life easy and our environment a better place to live in.