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ReFresh Mouthwash

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Julia Rivlin, Jamie Ackerman, Sarah Applegate, Andrew Corbin

ReFresh Mouthwash is a concentrated formula that is mixed with water for anywhere freshness. Its compact size is easy to carry on the go, fit in your medicine cabinet, or stash away where you need it. Our simple squirt package allows the user to squeeze ReFresh into any cup of water for instantly available mouthwash. Dosing the concentrated formula is more sanitary than drinking from a family size bottle and storage is no longer a problem in smaller, crowded bathrooms. For ease of use the package base doubles as a detachable convenient on-the-go cup making freshness available any time you need.

ReFresh’s mint leaf bottle embodies freshness and sustainability. Our reduced packaging format eradicates excess plastic compared to the competition. Additionally the concentrated formula eliminates shipping of unnecessarily bulky water, cutting down fuel consumption and reducing the carbon footprint. Not only is this great for the environment, it gets more products in trucks, on shelves, and in the hands of consumers.

In every way ReFresh fits into the healthy, active and sustainable life style of today’s consumers.