Irish Spring Moisture Rich Cleansing Stick

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Irish Spring Cleansing Stick

School:University of Wisconsin-Stout
Team:Cody VanDenHeuvel, Cheyanne Diges, Mike Hattamer, Nic Poshusta, Jordan Unser

Bars of soap are items that are quickly being forgotten and labeled as “old fashioned” and “retro”. They are viewed as a thing of the past when compared to many of the body washes that are currently on the market. Our goal was to revolutionize the way a bar of Irish Spring soap is viewed by loyal long time as well as first time users.

Our redesigned package offers many benefits in comparison to the traditional design that often left the consumer feeling discouraged. Current bars of soap often develop a scummy-film on top of the soap, as well as any other surfaces it is left on. Additionally, if left for long periods this film will harden making the soap difficult to pick up, and causing a rough texture on the skin. The new design prevents the soap from leaving a scum on any surface because it is contained in a protective package. This protective package also serves as an easy to hold device, preventing those frustrating moments when the soap gets dropped in the shower. Consumers notice quickly after several uses of the original bar soap design that the size of the bar starts to quickly shrink. This shrinking makes the bar of soap harder to hold, often becoming flimsy and breaking.

The traditional bar of soap is normally stored unshielded, leaving it defenseless to elements such as water, which degrade the soap faster. The container also has two drainage holes in the bottom to allow for drainage during use to prevent mold growth and soap scum development. Our twist controlled, capped bar soap package prevents these problems by consistently being able to easily protect and dispense the product. While being easy to use and hold on to this reseal able redesigned package.

Our package utilizes post-industrial and post-consumer recycled HDPE to make up this plastic container. By promoting recyclability, customers are able to practice responsible disposal of the container so it can be restored to a reusable state.

An important value to Colgate-Palmolive is to continuously improve the overall experience of their products. Our redesigned package not only meets the core expectations of the company, but also satisfies the loyal customers that have been faithful to the Irish Spring brand for years as well as entices new users. Sometimes a classic product, such as bar soap, just needs a refreshing new twist.