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Horizon Butter

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Sam Kelly, Alanna Revear, Mary Samples, Steve Alvarez, Maggie Lines

From humble beginnings, Horizon Organic is America’s first nation wide organic and sustainable dairy provider, which has grown from a small farming co-operation to a national network of 600 family owned organic farms. Like many of Horizon Organics products, butter is a household staple.

In reinventing butter packaging, Horizon Organic has taken several key aspects into account, which include easier accessibility, cleanliness, measuring, and sustainability. Our goal in designing a new package is to make an easier-to-use box with a modern twist while visually possessing traditional aspects of the local farmer. The lettering found on country road signs and the imperfect beauty of the hand drawn lettering inspired the type for the redesigned Horizon Organic logo.

Along with offering the highest quality product possible, Horizon Organic wants to make every part of the consumer’s experience more convenient and enjoyable. We are proud to present the reinvention of our butter packaging. In a commitment to sustainability, our new design uses recycled paper and fewer materials. To ensure the freshest quality, each stick of butter is contained in an individual box. The four individual packages fold together to form a larger box. Inside the box, the butter sits upon a sliding tray that is used to pull the butter out of the box, eliminating the sticky mess of traditional butter wrapping. Additionally, this tray can be used to calculate measurements with ease. Once the butter has been cut, it can slide back into the box, and the tray can be re-secured.

We pride ourselves on products of quality taste and strive to offer an efficient and eco-friendly package to minimize our environmental impact. Our commitment to organic farming and sustainable packaging allows your experience to be as fresh as the product we provide.