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Homestead Farms Butter

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Ryan Wood, Caitlan Werner, Katie Anderson, Maurice “Mo” Elmore, Kristen Murphy, Bailey Andrews

Over the years, butter has acquired bad rap. This is largely due to its, well… bad wrap. It often seems like it takes more time to get the butter open than it does to actually make the meal. Because cooking can sometimes be complicated, preparation should always be simple.

Homestead Farms understands that when you’re in the kitchen, it’s about the people you’re cooking with. The people you’re cook for. The people who make you who you are. That’s why we’ve developed a solution to make butter as simple as it >is delicious, so you can make time for what really matters. A line of artisan butter built around an appreciation for convenience, comfort and company. The 4-­‐ounce package is supported at its center with a soy wax-­‐coated platform on which the butter can easily slide and slice. All you have to do is twist to open, squeeze to dispense, then twist the lid again to slice the butter in a guillotine-­‐type motion that cuts and reseals all without ever getting a drop on your fingers. And as with all good recipes, every element serves a purpose and adds to the flavor and functionality of the end result. The space underneath the platform serves as an insulated compartment to keep the butter at optimal consistency, and because all materials being used are microwaveable, the packaging can also be used to melt the perfect pour. Solid, liquid, hard, or soft-­‐ whatever you’re working with, it works with you.

Because our butters are all farm fresh, we know the importance of protecting the land on which they’re made. Standard wax paper is unrecyclable and laced with synthetic additives like petroleum-­‐based paraffin. That’s why we’ve lined the inside of our post consumer cardboard packaging with a soy wax coating. Clean, safe, and non-­‐toxic, soy wax is biodegradable and comes from a renewable and sustainable resource grown by American farmers. Everything is then sealed together with bio-­‐adhesive starch glue made of corn and capped off with potato plastic. Made with all-­‐natural materials, every ounce of Homestead packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable, giving back to the very earth that gave us the best thing to ever be slapped on sliced bread.

With our packaging, we aim to facilitate every step of the user experience from start to finish. With a hole the tail end of the package, the butter can hang in stores like trousers on the line, creating an eye-­‐catching visual as unique as each of the butters themselves. Around the dinner table we’ve got: Mama Sue’s Sage Butter, Uncle Jed’s Bacon Butter, and of course, Gran’s Classic Gold Butter. One package. One movement. One truly hands-­‐on, hands-­‐off approach to homemade.