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School:University of Wisconsin-Stout
Team:Brandon Shook

Have you ever tried using a stick of butter and found how clean and easy it is the first time you open the stick from the wax paper only to realize how messy it gets the second time you do the same thing? Additionally how many times have you had to dispose of crusted over sections of butter that was not well wrapped? Well thanks to ButterPop you no longer need to worry about that messy situation in your fridge and on your hands.

ButterPop is a new innovative way to package and store opened butter to allow for multiple uses over the product’s life. The concept is based on the push-up (popsicle) packaging accompanied with feedback from my parents and grandma. The push up design creates an emotional connection for inspiring kids to be active in the kitchen. Adults and the elderly will be drawn to this revolutionary design as it’s so simple to use and it eliminates messy/sticky/crusty butter. ButterPop is an eco-friendly reusable, microwavable, washable, and refillable butter package. The ButterPop is composed of only four components which are manufactured from PP for its material properties, which is widely recycled throughout the world. All components are made of clear unadulterated materials which allow for easy view of butter measurements for use. The inks are printed on the exterior of the package which ensures that you do not have any leeching into the consumer’s butter.

This package is very simple and self-intuitive to use as anyone from a child to the elderly can use this product. You simply open a fresh stick of butter, remove the cap from your ButterPop and slide the butter stick inside and replace the cap. Now when you need some fresh butter just grab your ButterPop, remove the cap, take the plunger and press into the fitted end and start pushing however much butter you need. ButterPop has easy to read measurements along the side of the clear tube which makes measuring your butter a breeze. When you’re finished, simply remove the plunger and place back in the fitted holder on top and replace the freshness cap.

ButterPop will be the latest craze in the baking industry as this will bring life into a very traditional packaging arena for butter. This package will be introduced into the general market through partnering with a butter company such as Land O Lakes. The Butterpop will be part of a multipack configuration which would include the reusable packaging. As the ButterPop is cubical in nature, it is relatively simplistic to back in current multipack configurations of butter (footprint needs to expand slightly). Overall this reusable package has a golden yellow future as this package creates and fills the market’s need.

Thanks for your consideration of Butterpop for the 2013 48hr Repack competition,
Brandon Shook