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S'more Fun Pack

Team:Peter Lohoff, Michael Simon, Brian Roffers, Brett Krull

The name of our entry is called the S’more Fun Pack that combines all the essential elements an average size family would need to make s’mores around a campfire. We chose this design because during our research we determined that of the four options it was the one that could be improved the most. With our design you won’t be spending any extra time walking around the grocery store finding supplies to make s’mores because they are all in one place.
We came up with our design with all of the criteria in mind as well as trying to make it more convenient for the consumer. Other factors that we deemed critical were the cost, environmental friendliness, and the convenience of the package. We also wanted our design to give the consumer a fun experience while camping.
As previously mentioned we wanted to not only keep the consumer, but also the earth in mind while designing out package. Current packaging of the chocolate bar, graham crackers, and marshmallows needs to be removed from the campsite. Our package uses 100% recycled paperboard, PLA (Poly-lactic Acid) plastic, and glue made from corn starch. All of these materials are completely recyclable, or biodegradable. PLA is made from starch in corn, and will decompose after 45 days when exposed to the elements of nature.
During the design of our product we made sure that our design was completely practical. This design can easily be transferred to a die for mass production. Our design is not only practical, but also uses an efficient amount of paperboard. The design of our artwork on our package is like a billboard in itself on the shelf.
While designing our package we wanted to make sure that we had the proper materials. We chose to have ten graham crackers, five chocolate bars, and ten marshmallows in our package. The ten graham crackers turned out to be the same height when stacked as the chocolate bars, as shown in our pictures. We also chose to vacuum seal our marshmallows to try and minimize the amount of space used. Upon testing the returned to relative size (shown in pictures).
Convenience is something that consumers demand, and we had to keep in mind while designing our new package. Our S’more Fun Pack has a handle which makes it easier for carrying, perforations that not only enhance our design, but also make the package fun. You pull out the peak of the house and tear the package open. The opening is the perfect size to remove the products.
Interaction with the customer is something that we were trying to capture with our design. Our log cabin design helps our consumer picture themselves camping. The package is also fun, creates a family experience, and screams “Buy me!” while sitting on the shelf.