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Diamond Matchbox

Team:Ryan Huettl, Matt Culbertson,

The design takes the well-known brand diamond back to a more traditional design, with the texture being that of a tent canvas. This is really a box of matches aimed for the explorer and adventurer. The cover flips up to present the matches much like a cigar box does. This makes it more elegant and provides a better user experience. In the current design, if the phosphorus gets wet, it dissolves the paper behind it and no longer works. This fixes the problem by containing it.

The phosphorus strip is surrounded by tin to keep it isolated from the matches and paperboard. The strip can be removed and replaced easily because it has a removable tab. A mini survivors handbook is included that shares tips on how to survive in the wilderness in case you get lost while camping or hiking. Snapping the material to the cover fastens it shut.

Like all of Diamond’s products, the wood for the matches is sourced from responsible forests. This box is reusable, and you can buy replacement packs of matches. The box and the tin can be recycled when disposed of.