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Toilet Paper Roll in a Box

Team:Alex Tipton

Any person who has ever gone on a camping trip knows having toilet paper is a necessity. Unfortunately most toilet paper rolls are thinly packaged in a sealed plastic wrap which relies solely on the stiffness of the toilet paper to retain its desired shape and resist damage. Most camping trips involve packing a vehicle to the brim with equipment and supplies, too often resulting in torn or flattened toilet tissue. Another issue of concern is once a roll is removed from its protective wrap and exposed to the surrounding elements such as humidity, pests, and other possible sources of contamination, it ceases to function as a reliable wipe. In some cases, wet toilet paper can even become moldy and result in a very uncomfortable camping trip. The “Roll in a Box” package provides a solution to these potential problems while remaining completely recyclable and economical. If created from recycled paper-board and combined with an environment friendly product similar to the Coleman Brand Biodegradable Toilet Tissue, this package will respectably provide a viable solution.

The design for the “Roll in a Box” is a simple cubic paperboard box with built in roll hangers. The hangers are fabricated directly from the material being use for the box so there is no additional material cost. The box design with little modification carries the potential to become the “Rolls in a Box” package that can hold multiple toilet paper rolls. The paper-board shell functions as a more protective barrier from unannounced rains or from an accidental mud -puddle drop. Camping is not always as elegant as the magazine ads, and a reliable source of clean dry toilet paper can bring a shine to any rainy weekend. Not only will the design provide greater protection from camping hazards, and long weekends, it will create an even greater respect for the company who manufactures the product because the “Roll in a Box” proves sustainability can come full circle from product to package. Sustainability will give the consumer a clean conscience, and show them the company is true to their eco-friendly advertisements. Not to mention, a satisfied customer will continue to buy their product. Toilet paper is an often underestimated ally and it’s time for it to be given more respect. The “Roll in a Box” brings functionality, practicality, and desirability to an otherwise overlooked product.