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Kingsford Quick Light

Team:Clarke Harris

Charcoal has always been sold in the familiar paper sack and in a variety of sizes. The popular size now a days is the single use charcoal bag, ideal for a day at the beach, camping or the backyard. I kept the original idea of a one use bag but replaced the bag with a geometrical pyramid package. A handle offers a sound grip when transporting. Ready to light charcoal cancels any need for lighter fluid and the vents found along the baseline of the package allow for the fire to breathe and for the charcoals to burn evenly The pyramid shape contrasted next to a paper bag offers the viewer a new visual experience and may appeal as a more premium product, while still staying cost effective. The package is made from recyclable materials, and would never be found on the shoreline, the trail or your lawn, since all the components are burned in the grilling process. The package and print cost is minimal. And the geometric shapes are easy to stack making them practical to ship. The new charcoal package is pracical, easy to use, unique amongst other charcoal products, visually appealing, and business savvy, not to mention totally environmentally friendly.