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Charcoal Champ

Team:Alex Sanchez, Frankie Pellegrini

For over a hundred year charcoal has been packaged the same, connected to the saying “Why fix something that isnʼt broken?”. Charcoal Champ is a new spin on charcoalʼs packaging design. Tear the seal, pour the charcoal, and “Pop The Top”. it is an interactive, fun twist where the user pokes a hole though a seal to acquire the matches. The matches are sourced from Responsible Forests, and contains facts and tips about grilling outdoors. Charcoal Champ is ideal for camping and outdoor activities. The product contains the perfect amount of charcoal for a grilling and requires no lighting fluid because the coals are presoaked. The charcoal Champ is 100% recycled materials and can be burned after use. It natures way of doing things so lets get grilling!