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Team:Christina Xu, Nick Wheat

Our design seeks to solve the problem of accessibility and convenience of toilet paper for campers. Our design solution is a packaging system consisting of biodegradable toilet paper refill boxes and a recyclable aluminum tin to house the refills. This solution limits waste by being constructed of only recyclable or biodegradable materials. The aluminum tin keeps the toilet paper dry and ready to dispense conveniently, while its minimal and stylish exterior avoids the stigma of carrying around exposed toilet paper. A small bend in the overall form allows the “Swipe” to sit comfortably in a pocket like a flask. Also, a hook system allows it to be hung from a backpack or other camping bag. The system makes use of preexisting septic safe, biodegradable Coleman-brand toilet paper, but the packaging is a major improvement in that it provides easy access and projects a stylish ruggedness.