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Team:Daniel Hutcherson, Rachel Randall, Joanna Fischer, Josh Galvarino, Katie Thackston

The Pyro match package design process began with a careful evaluation of the current packaging of matches. After much consideration, it was determined that the current box for wooden matches was lacking and in much need of a redesign. The conventional tray and sleeve combination that is used to house wooden matches makes it dicult for users to hold while striking the match. When the sleeve is removed, the matches become exposed and chances of spillage increase.
The tray does not provide a single match dispensing system, increasing users interaction time with the package. Finally, the material currently used for the package is neither sustainable nor waterproof, making it a poor choice. With these new discoveries in mind, the design of the new Pyro matchbox began. Sustainability, ergonomics, and dispensing were our top priorities in the redesign. TerraSkin®, a mineral based paperboard, was chosen as the substrate due to its tear-resistant, water-resistant, and degradable properties. In addition to these properties the manufacturing process for mineral based paper is less harmful to the environment than the traditionally used pulp based process. Lastly, to further enhance the sustainability of the package, soy-based inks were used. The Pyro structure is shaped to fit to the contours of the hand while dispensing and striking.
The sloped right side of the package contains the striking surface works as a ramp to guide the hand safely away from the body while lighting the match. Pyro is a unique pocket-sized design, making it convenient for carrying on your person and easy to find when searching in purses or pouches. A single match quick dispenser
located in the upper left corner of the package was designed to make the process of dispensing a single match as easy as possible. The sliding tab feature of the package keeps the dispense opening closed until a match is needed. Additionally, a protective tab over the sliding tab that is partially perforated, so that it can easily be removed, allowing for matches to be contained and unexposed at all times. The main inspiration for the branding of Pyro was retro matchbook packaging. The Pyro graphics appeal to both male and female users through the use of clean, modern graphics and typefaces. Cyan, red, black, and white were chosen as the brand colors due to their vintage appearance. A point of purchase display was designed to demonstrate how the package would be showcased in a retail environment. When walking down an aisle the eye-catching graphics and mischievous
slogan, “Play With Fire”, entice the consumer to purchase this new and innovative match packaging. Overall, this package solves the functional and environmental problems with conventional match packaging with style.