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Lotus Bulb

School:Ringling College: Art & Design
Team:Ben Kowalski

At the beginning of the project I believed the light bulb would be the hardest to re-package and I almost chose to eliminate it from my concept process. Fortunately I included it and it bloomed in to the creation of the “Lotus Bulb” concept.

When I first started concepting for the package I looked to nature, specifically flower bulbs and cocoons because of how the protect their delicate crago. I quickly realized a direct connection between their shape and that of modernist layered style lamp shades. I thought to myself why not package the bulb as if it were already in it’s future home? I developed the package after several prototypes out of only ovular shapes. The round shaped fins are molded to create a tension along four connection points between the top and bottom of the package. Those four points create ribs and add a rigid structure to the entire package to help provide extra damage protection. I was very content on making a package that would keep the light bulb safe on all four sides and succeeded with the creation of 360 degree fins that act as a cushion.

The package is multi-functional as it not only serves as a protective case, but it also can be kept on the bulb as a decorative lamp shade. The bulb could be hung from ceiling fixtures or placed in lamps allowing the light to pass through the fins and create a soft, diffused pattern around the room. The paper or plastic used would be from 100% post-consumer recycled materials allowing for a product that is sustainable before and after its life. The fin material could be colored or adjusted to create different ambient light colors and patterns. The material would need to be treated to be heat/temperature resistant if it were to function as a light shade.

I believe the Lotus Bulb would trigger an immediate response with shoppers because of it’s shelf appeal compared to competitors. The beautiful design contours to the lovely curves of a light bulb instead of hiding them beneath a rigid box or plastic clamshell. I created an adaptable color system with the label of the design so customers can quickly find the correct wattage of bulb they are looking for. I believe many customers will gravitate towards this bulb to buy solely because of the packaging and the aesthetic response it triggers.