Chowan University: Shanelle Thompson, Diamond Martin, Karensa Strieder, Nicholas Russell, Jaquan Harper

For this challenge, our approach for our package was to keep things simple. Our box, the Tear and Share, is a glue less box that can be easily assembled and shipped. The material we chose was corrugated paperboard. Going with corrugated paperboard was an easy choice because of its durability. Our package design is big enough to fit all six cans, three on each side like the traditional multipack plastic ring. We added a perforation in the middle of the box so you could break the box and grab a drink and save space in your fridge. The box has handles as well for easy carrying while still being able to lay flat for easing stacking in the stores and as it is shipped.

The graphic design members decided to use the Pepsi logo and name on all parts of the box. Three of the sides of the box are tied together in the graphics. It starts with a Pepsi can pouring out and then goes down to the edge of the side. The next side has the Pepsi liquid filling up the side and another Pepsi can float in it. The third side has the liquid coming out the side and wrapping around the Pepsi logo. The fourth side has the typically information that the Pepsi boxes have. On top of the box, we incorporated six Pepsi logos with the can opening piece to show how the box opens in a unique way. The center Pepsi top is where the perforation is in order for someone to tear it open.