Bridgeport: David Rudolph, Carly Zatac, Caleb Talbut, Charles Austria

Our product answers the first prompt, the can carrier. Our product seeks to improve curbside recyclability by its solid, yet breakable, structure and chosen material. Our carrier will be made from HDPE. The product itself transforms the original idea of a six-pack into a more vertical and easier to carry design, by stacking groups of three cans in a triangular pattern. This allows the consumer to more easily grab and carry the product while still fitting nicely inside a recyclable bin. The portion which holds the top part of the can is solid with perforations, which when pulled upon breaks and allows easy extraction of the can. By having all existing circles in the design break upon use, animals cannot get caught in it if our product enters nature. The base of the carrier was made without gaps to ensure no animal could get trapped inside. Even the top handle can be easily cut or ripper after use, meaning the responsible consumer only needs to cut one circle as opposed to the traditional six that most six-pack carriers use. We have observed the damage that most six-pack carriers can cause and ours hopes to provide a solution that eliminates trapped animals. All pieces are easy to break off allowing for flat and compact recycling.