Rutgers University: Morgan Mason, Scott Soleimani, Nicholas Stouchko

As a redesign approach for the six-pack carrier for PET bottles, we decided to change the packaging material from LPDE to HDPE. Our rationale behind the switch helps achieve goals related to sustainability, recyclability, and costs. Although LDPE is recyclable, HDPE is a more widely accepted plastic to be picked up for recycling curbside. This allows for both the bottle and the carrier to be recycled in a single stream. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic commonly used in many types of packaging including, but not limited to, bags, bottles, containers. Paktech is an industry leading example of HDPE can carriers being used at a large scale. A LDPE to HDPE change will offer a more rigid and durable fit for all 6 bottles in their corresponded clips.

With our new design, we have transitioned the carrier of the six-pack from the middle of the bottle to the neck, right below the cap. With our stronger plastic of HDPE, it will be able to hold all six bottles securely, while also being elastic enough to snap bottles in and out. In the core of the slack there are 2 thumb holes comfortably located and spaced out.

For our design process, we initially sketched up our idea and put it in technical drawing. Continuing our process, we found a compatible software so we can properly 3D prototype our model of the carrier. When designing, we took into concern the fact that this solution would have to not compromise the speed of carrier application. When applying the carrier, all that has to be done is space the bottles properly and feed into our press-fit carrier. With our model we were able to emulate how our carrier will fit and secure the six-pack, then after prototyping we perfected the proper fitment.

To respond to the sustainable mission, we have decided to make the entirety of our carrier green. The green color emphasizes the new and improved recyclability that our product entails with the material change. A sense of an emotional attachment forms from the color and overall recyclability improvement.