Michigan State: Elias Naddaf, Grace Ellis, Anna Finazzo, Kira Chandler

Share a Coke at home. Share a Coke virtually. And most importantly, share a Coke safely. Enjoying a Coke has looked very different over the last year. We are living through times unlike any other, and sharing responsibly, both environmentally and socially, is our number one priority. According to The Recycling Partnership, “Curbside recycling in the U.S. currently recovers only 32% of available recyclables in single-family homes.” This presents an enormous opportunity to address climate change by encouraging more recycling.

Coke at Home is an alternative design for the traditional LDPE Hi-Cones used for 6-pack aluminum Coke cans. This is a low weight E-flute corrugated board made from recycled materials to improve recyclability and reduce use of virgin materials. Even with Hi-Cone’s low environmental impact, the end-of-life management is sub-par, so a non-plastic alternative is an attractive choice to ensure appropriate disposal post-use. The current US infrastructure has limited curbside recycling of #4 flexible LDPE, while corrugated is easily identifiable to a consumer as recyclable and is widely accepted in the US. To promote the appropriate action, using a material that makes it simple is key. Avoiding the need for a consumer to have to check locally or drop it off at a store increases the likelihood that they will recycle the product.

Simplicity and practicality is crucial for consumer acceptance. This design offers comfortable carrying with an easily identifiable handle, while keeping the cans upright and in place from point of purchase to consumption. The structure has creases that allow the corrugate to flatten and cans to stack for minimal change to the pallet, distribution and shelf presence. The cans are tightly secured with the slits along the rings. This lightweight e-flute alternative could be easily sourced and is relatively inexpensive. The one-of-a-kind “home” design clearly catches the eye as a timely and unique alternative to Hi-Cones.

Safety and preventing the spread of COVID-19 is top-of-mind for everyone. To ensure sanitation, we are moving away from the current fully exposed drinking spout. Coke at Home offers a protective covering for the drinking spout to reduce contact and contamination. This offers reassurance to a consumer that the surface is safe and clean. More than ever before, we want to reduce the amount of touch points during distribution to minimize health risks and keep consumers safe.

Home is the safest and most soothing place during a pandemic. The Coke at Home design provides encouraging but subtle messaging to encourage responsible behavior, promotes the values of The Coca-Cola Company and reminds consumers to do the right thing to keep everyone safe.

Do your part, be responsible, and share a Coke at home.