Michigan State: Alissa Kuhn

This project’s design decisions were made after thoughtful consideration of Hi – Cone Company’s commitment to sustainability and their multipack ring carries current package – product materials and applications Hi – Cone’s multipack ring carriers have a competitive price point, work across different PET bottle shapes, and help achieve both internal and client sustainability goals.

The product selected was Cherry Coca Cola Zero. It comes in a PET bottle, with a standard closure. Using this feature as a baseline for the redesign it is possible to create a package that can be applied to the majority of Hi – Cone’s PET beverage business.

A rigid plastic sheet with perforated connected loops fit and lock around bottles. The multipack is a 2 x 6 configuration ( this was determined to be the sturdiest multipack shape ) which creates two natural shapes in the center of the pack for the consumer to grip and evenly distribute unit weight when carrying.

The perforations between each loop provides a breakaway mechanism to separate bottles from the pack. The consumer breaks off their bottle, enjoys there Cherry Coca - Cola Zero ( with the loop still on ), replace the cap on the bottle and deposit the entire package into the recycling stream of their choice. This eliminates the potential for improper disposal, and further wildlife and ecosystem disturbance.

Ergonomics and appearance of the design were taken into account. The finger holds are easy to grip and carry. The rounded loop design minimizes the potential of consumers scratching themselves while interacting with the product. The simple attractive design is in line with Coca – Cola’s brand and can work for many others. The innovative design creates consumer delight with a positive packaging experience.

The single sheet plastic design promotes machinability both in manufacturing the breakaway carrier and placing them onto bottles in production. This helps to sustain the current price points.