Miami Ad School: Emily Sparks, Mira Carroll, Daniel Sanchez, Lexie Canario

The Earth’s health is at stake, waste continues to pollute our oceans, and the bees are still in danger. The Bon V!V Hive Pack is unique in its ambitious environmental endeavors and return to the form of nature. Bon V!V creates refreshing, spiked seltzers with natural fruit flavors. Their sourced ingredients require ample flower pollination so that fruits may grow to be used in their seltzers. With a twist on the traditional 6-pack, we created the specialty Hive Pack that serves as a tribute to honeybees and in turn promotes a positive environmental impact. If given the opportunity, this packaging campaign would be paired with a profit donation to bee sanctuaries.

Traditional plastic Hi-Cone packaging does not lend itself to easy curbside recyclability or animal safety if improperly discarded. As an alternative, we created hexagonal, perimeter-efficient, recyclable, FSC-certified paperboard packaging to hold six seltzers. This compact, new way to transport and enjoy a 6-pack of seltzers is a return to nature in its honeycomb-inspired packaging concept. If anyone knows how to create sturdy, efficient structures, it’s bees, and they’ve been doing it for millions of years.

The FSC-certified paperboard dieline is cut from a single sheet containing two hexagons and six border sections with tabs to connect. The top hexagon has a rectangular die cut in its center for the handle to thread through. The bottom hexagon holds the cans with secure tabs in which the cans can be popped out of. In addition, it is designed slightly longer than the top with a creased valley on the edges to allow extra space for the handle to be threaded through the top cutout. The addition of this crease enables the carrier to comfortably carry the Hive Pack. The interwoven nature of this handle mechanism keeps the Hive Pack secure when holding, but it is still stackable on a shelf, pantry, or fridge.

With a nod to honeybees in the shape of the Hive Pack, we designed the top to similarly reference the importance of bees to our society. Each vertex of the honeycomb represents a different flavor in the variety pack, and honeybees are circulating these fruits to remind consumers of their importance.

Hive Pack features visually stimulating assortment options with its hexagonal tessellation. The weight of our packaging is evenly distributed no matter which way you stack it. Its eye-catching design references the illustrative branding of Bon V!V. However, the Hive Pack’s unique design, addition of the honeybee’s journey, and dedicated effort to remind the consumer that it is 100% recyclable makes our product stand out. Our goal is to encourage consumers to join the Bon V!V Hive to use our fully recyclable cans and carriers, eliminate single use plastics, and spread the buzz.