Kennesaw State University: Arielle Grant, Kyla Resnick, Susan Winn, Valeria Diaz

Background & Problem(s):

What child is not overjoyed to open their lunch to find their favorite Minute Maid juice box inside? Unfortunately, this excitement can turn into frustration as the child struggles to stick the flimsy plastic straw in. Even worse: the kid might realize the straw is missing altogether!

Additionally, cities and consumers are making strides to end the consumption of all single-use plastics. This includes the straws packaged with juice boxes and pouches. While juice boxes are an iconic part of childhood, their environmental impact also presents a variety of issues that need to be addressed.

Design Solution:

The NEW Easy-Peel Juice Box for Minute Maid re-imagines the classic tetra brick, and eliminates the need for a plastic straw. Designed with children in mind, the packaging takes the form of a tapered carton with a drinking spout. Not only is the design unique within the marketplace, but it is also convenient to hold and easy to drink from. The Easy-Peel Juice Box is completely free of plastic, utilizing recyclable cardboard instead.

A resealable sticker covers the opening and features a lift tab for convenience. A child can open it with ease and without the fear of puncturing their precious juice box. Once pulled back, the seal can be re-closed, allowing the child to prevent spills or save the drink for later.

The new visual design for Minute Maid's Easy-Peel Juice Boxes embraces a fresh, fun, and fruity identity. Bright colors, bold typography, and playful patterns create an eye-catching aesthetic that references the type of fruit juice within the box.