The Creative Circus: Leah Hale, Jordan Taylor, Ender Isin

Our take on Coca Cola’s mission to encourage the reuse and recycling of their 24-pack plays on what is already familiar to the consumer to create the connection between the box’s possible uses. The reimagining of the pack, as a squarer container with a lid attachment, enhances the presentation of the cans once opened, fits comfortably into many spaces, and encourages the use as a bin in multiple situations, such as home, work, outdoors, or parties. For added use and versatility, a small hole, identified by the perforated recycling symbol, can be opened to hang the box in any elevated area. It’s handles create easy transport, whether you’re carrying it to the car after purchasing or taking it to your local recycling facility.

Our icon system, located on the front and top faces, provides messaging to the buyer about Coca-Cola’s mission to encourage recycling, while also providing instruction on the steps to reuse the box as a part of that mission.