Portfolio Center: Annie Bhardway, Dima Ferreira, Katie Marquez, Payton Foley

The juice box is fond experience from many childhoods. But with good times come inevitable bad times: losing the straw, breaking the straw in half, missing the puncture mark or poking too hard and going clear through the other side of the box. Even if plastic straws worked well, (which they don’t) they’re terrible for the environment.

So the straw has got to go.
And make way for Rip ‘n Sip, a new juice box by Minute Maid.

When it’s time to enjoy a Rip ‘n Sip, a tab on the top of the box lets you do just that; rip it off and take a sip. The ease of opening and drinking means that no adults are needed, and more importantly, no straws.

Rip ‘n Sip’s triangular juice boxes provide a visually appealing and practical alternative to the traditional rectangular shape. Why a triangle? When force is applied to a triangle, it is distributed evenly throughout the three sides. It is impossible to collapse a triangle without breaking one of its sides, making it the strongest straight-edge shape. This also means its perfect for the wear and tear that kids put their juice boxes through. When the juice is finished, the plant based paper makes for easy recycling.

Rip ’n Sip’s triangular boxes are packaged together to form squares, which stack three deep to make a six pack. The dual packaging lets kids share easily with a friend or parents to pull one out to pack for lunch. A Rip ’n Sip is about the size of half of a sandwich, making the perfect lunchtime pair.

Rip ’n Sip solves the straw problems of conventional juice boxes in an imaginative way, making enjoyable for both kids to drink and adults to serve.

Minute Maid Rip ’n Sip. The ripe pick.