The Creative Circus: Jenna Verrone, Veronica Burkhart, Delaun Anderson, Shannon Winter,

There’s nothing a kid loves more than an ice cold juice box. But the way juice boxes are currently designed creates more problems than necessary for every party involved.

Juice boxes currently come with plastic straws that are half-glued to the side of the box, which allows them to easily fall and get lost. If a straw does get lost, it is almost impossible for the juice box to be opened and used in an enjoyable fashion. The straw is also difficult for some younger children to push into the tiny hole because it requires a lot of accuracy and pressure. Once it is opened, all it takes is a little squeeze to make the juice rush through the straw, spill out, and fly all over the room. On top of those issues, juice boxes contribute heavily to the 500 million plastic straws that pile up in landfills every single day.

All of these problems take some of the joy out of the juice box experience. Juice boxes need to be drinkable, with or without a straw. Kids love to feel independent and hate being “babied”, so they need to be able to open their own juice boxes. Parents need their kids to not to spill juice all over their carpets. And the world needs less one-time-use plastic straws.

With the Minute Maid Fruit Chute, all of these problems are eliminated. Packaged in a cost-efficient aseptic carton made of 70 percent paper, every single part of this juice box is 100% recyclable and designed with parents, kids, and the environment in mind. No need to worry about the issues a straw creates, because there isn’t a need for one.

To access the juice, just pull off the fruit sticker (free sticker whoop!) and pull open the tab. It’s simple enough that a child could do by themselves. The hole that is revealed behind the tab is small enough that only the perfect amount of juice comes out at once. This ensures that kids get a mouthful of deliciousness and not a faceful of mess. The slanted design helps your nose to avoid the box when taking a sip. After a few gulps, the juice box can be easily re-sealed by pushing the tab back into the box, giving parents the freedom to let their child roam around the kitchen without fear of spillage.

We redesigned the logo with kid friendly typography, while maintaining the recognizable identity of Minute Maid. Retaining the holding shape, the handwritten type is playful, but refined. The pattern on the box pays homage to vintage Minute Maid orange juice cartons. Fun, upbeat, attention-grabbing color palettes will make the juice flavor clearly visible, even from the other side of the cafeteria. The simple, yet vibrant design is upscale enough to draw in a parent making a purchase decision and vibrant enough to make a kid reach for it in the fridge.

With the innovative design of the Minute Maid Fruit Chute, juice is now fun for everyone!